Gender Parity In Mathematics And Entreprenuership Education For National Development


The study discussed gender parity in mathematics and entrepreneurship education for national development. It focused on: gender parity in mathematics education for national development; gender parity in entrepreneurship education for national development. And concluded that there is wide variation in gender participation in mathematics education in Nigeria. Reviewed studies showed that female participation in mathematics oriented courses is at a very low level compare to the males. Also owing to the present demand of the society, there is increase need for job creators. Although, there is still disparities in female and male involvement in entrepreneurship but females takes the rule entrepreneurship education involvement. The study recommended that institution should design appropriate responses to gender gap that exist in mathematics oriented courses from the primary and beyond, and awareness campaigns on entrepreneurship needs, training programmes, mentoring, coaching and support networks should be provided.


Keywords: Entrepreneurship education, Gender Parity, Mathematics, National Development

Article Review Status: Published

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