Sustaining the Nigerian Environment through Environmental Adult Education Strategies


All human beings in Nigeria depend on the environment and therefore must have a role to play in sustaining the environment since all of us take part in the degradation of our environment. Therefore providing relevant information on the complex nature of the environment and its associated problems through environmental adult education strategies will help in addressing the numerous environmental issues facing Nigeria. This paper, therefore, is an attempt to highlight some of the strategies of environmental adult education for the promotion of environmental sustainability. These strategies may include; communal areas management programme for indigenous resources, community participation, community environmental education, community tree planting and public enlightenment strategy. Sensitizing the general public on the nature of the environment and its complexity through the various strategies of environmental adult education will help them develop positive attitude to protect and sustain the environment. It therefore becomes pertinent that individuals, governments, practitioners and non-governmental agencies should lay much emphasizes on the promotion of environmental adult education strategies for environmental sustainability.

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Adult Education

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