Developing Teaching Materials on Writing Fable Texts Based on Local Culture for Grade Vii Students at Smp Negeri 3 Medang Deras Batu Bara Regency


This research aimed to: (1) describe the process of developing teaching material fable based on local culture for class VII students of SMP Negeri 3 Medang Deras, Batu Bara Regency; (2) describe the feasibility of teaching material writing fable texts based on local culture developed; and (3) describe the feasibility of teaching materials writing fable texts based on local culture developed. The type of this research was research and development using the development model of Borg and Gall. Data was collected through expert validation, questionnaires distributed to students. Assessment instruments for validators, individual trials, small groups, and limited field groups were made in the form of a Likert scale which had been given scores. Data were analyzed descriptively quantitatively. The research findings were: (1) Developing teaching materials was based on research and gathering preliminary information, planning, developing initial product, validation of material content and design, product revision, assessment and advice from language teachers and students, revision, individual trials, revision, small group trials, revision, limited trial field, revisions until the product was valid and feasible to use (2) The validation result of all aspects from the material expert was 86.43%, the validation from the learning design experts was an average of 94.76%, teachers’ responses to teaching material fable text developed based on local culture  had an average percentage of 90%, and average percentage of students’ responses was 93.13% with a very good category; (3) The effectiveness of using fable text material module developed based on local culture in Batu Bara district was 85.67 and the effectiveness of the textbook was 70.5. Thus, teaching materials in the form of fable text material module developed based on the local culture in Batu Bara district were declared feasible, effective, and meeting the needs with overall criteria “very good”.

Keywords: Fable Text, Local Culture, Teaching Materials

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