The Development of Student Worksheet with the Theme of I Am Special Character Based For Students Grade One In Public Primary School 060911 Menteng Medan


This study aims to produce student worksheets based on sub-themes 4 I am special in class one Public Primary School 060911 Menteng. It is research and development that refers to character formation using 4-D development. This model has four stages, they are define, design, plan, and disseminate. The results of the study show that data on the quality of product development is collected by the results of observations and questionnaires. The collected data are analyzed by quantitative descriptive analysis techniques. The results of this study indicate (1) Validation of material experts on the assessment of material feasibility is in very good criteria (96.60%), (2) Validation of learning design is in very good criteria (95.75%); (3) Validation of the language is very good criteria (85.60%). The practicality of teaching materials is concluded based on the teacher’s and students’ responses; (i) Response of class 1-A students to character-based student worksheets in the stage of test field is 100% and Class 1-B  is 99%. The students says that the teaching material is practical, (ii) Teacher response to character based student worksheets in the trial is 100%, it is practical category. Likewise with the product effectiveness test, there are differences in learning outcomes of students using character based student worksheet. It can be concluded based on the results of post-test students at the stage of the test field,  the percentage of classical completeness is 100% with 28 students or 99% declared complete for grades 1-A and 1- B. All students complete the assessment. The assessment of student learning outcomes based on the pretest and posttest is analyzed by increasing the score in class 1-A is 46.24% to 100% and class 1-B is 64.28% to 100%.

Keywords: Character Based Student Worksheet, Learning Outcomes

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