The Effect of Emotional Intelligence, Teachers’ Perception of Headmaster’s Interpersonal Communication, and Compensation on Affective Commitments of Teachers at Kindergartens


The aim of this study is to determine the effect of emotional intelligence, teachers’ perceptions of interpersonal communication of headmaster, and compensation for the affective commitment of teachers at Kindergarten Medan Perjuangan. This study uses Qualitative Research Methods and analysis technique of relationships between variables is a form of path analysis. Population in research are 140 kindergarten teachers in District of Medan Perjuangan, the sample is 103. The results of this study are 1. Emotional Intelligence has a direct positive effect on Compensation in Kindergarten in Medan Perjuangan District 2. Teacher’s Perception of Interpersonal Communication Principals directly influence positive for Compensation at kindergartens Medan Perjuangan District 3. Emotional Intelligence has a positive direct effect on teacher’s affective commitment at Kindergarten, Medan Perjuangan District 4. Teacher’s Perception of Principal Interpersonal Communication has a direct positive effect on affective commitment of teachers in at Kindergartens, Medan Perjuangan District. 5. Compensation has a direct positive effect on teacher’s affective commitment at Kindergartens Medan Perjuangan District.

Keywords: Affective Commitment, Compensation, Emotional Intelligence, Teacher's Perception of Headmaster’s Interpersonal Communication

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