Case Study on School Leaders’ Impact on English Language Acquisition Programs


This case study aims to understand the role played by school leaders in the management and administration of English language acquisition (ELA) programs. The researchers interviewed several educational faculty from three school districts in the state of Colorado. By applying the leadership framework of inspirational motivation (Northouse, 2015), the researchers examine to what extent principals, teachers, and other educators are involved in the ELA programs within their respective schools and districts. The findings of this research demonstrate the importance of preparation for school leaders, ELA teachers, and content teachers alike in order to better support English language learners. Additionally, this case study identifies a need for collaboration between teachers and school leaders to facilitate a stronger understanding of the purpose, function, and importance of ELA programs.

Keywords: English language acquisition, English language proficiency, educational leadership, inspirational motivation

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 15-30 (Download PDF)

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