North Sumatra Local Culture-Based Arts Education in Instilling Charactered Values in High School Students, North Sumatra, Indonesia


This study discusses the phenomenon of the character of students in North Sumatra which is increasingly alarming. There are many practices of social unrest carried out by junior high school students and high school students in several cities in Indonesia. The phenomenon of student character brutality is a homework for the world of education that must be addressed immediately. Is one factor due to the lack of an educational model that pays attention to character education for students. It might be one of the reasons. How to formulate a learning model that can foster character for students ?, and what character targets should be formulated in the learning process ?, and how will character growth occur in students? This issue will be focused in this study. The approach used in this study is a qualitative approach and a quantitative approach. The process of searching data and information retrieval related to this study is done diachronically to find out in a complete and complete manner the phenomena of the character condition of high school (SMA) students in North Sumatra. In designing the North Sumatra traditional arts-based learning model as an effort to foster the character of strong and dignified students, the formulation of learning models is carried out based on the analysis of the suitability of existing material and local kearipan values. This is to obtain the suitability of learning targets in growing student character. Learning outcomes will be analyzed to find answers to how strong and dignified student character growth can be formed.

Keywords: local culture; charctered value; students; learning

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