Learning Effect Based on Socio-Scientific Issue on Students Learning Outcomes in Environmental Pollution Materials in Senior High School 1 of Meureubo, West Aceh, Indonesia


Biology is part of the natural sciences that discusses all aspects of life, both related to living things and the natural environment that supports the life of these living things. The biotic and abiotic components and their maintenance are important focus on biology learning. Students need a good understanding of their surroundings, maintaining, and controlling existing resources so they can take part as environmental preservation. Learning about the environment should have been designed and implemented with a learning model that is considered very appropriate to arouse interest as well as concern for students using learning models that synergize with efforts to preserve nature and the environment. Wrong on the environment is a learning model based on Socio-Scientific Issues. This study aims to determine the effect of Socio-Scientific Issues learning in environmental pollution learning in class X of SMAN 1 Meureubo West Aceh Regency. The approach used is a quantitative approach with the research design used is “Nonequivalent Control Group Design”. The research data is in the form of student learning outcomes data on environmental pollution material on the application of Socio scientific-based learning issues on learning environmental pollution material. Learning outcomes data are analyzed using linear regression analysis followed by T test and F test. The results showed that there were significant differences in student learning outcomes and students response to the application of a socio scientific based learning model between before and after the application of the model. Through improved learning outcomes and students response to environmental pollution material, it is hoped that this can be a trigger for the movement to protect the environment from an early age.

Keywords: Environmental Pollution, Influence, Socio Scientific Issues

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