VCT Learning Model Assisted by using Confidence Cards in Junior High School 2, Padangsidimpuan, Indonesia


This study aims to investigate students’ average final score by using VCT learning model assisted by using confidence cards in State Junior High School 2 of Padangsidimpuan on Civic Education. The learning process that occurs in schools especially in class, there is interaction between teacher and students. For this reason the teacher must have the knowledge and skills in managing the teaching and learning process. The result shows there is a difference between average score of the experimental class learning outcomes and the average score of the learning outcomes of the class. Where the average score of the experimental class learning outcomes is higher than the average score of the control class towards average of final score on Civic Education. The influence of learning model and emotional intelligence on final score is 71.6%.

Keywords: VCT learning model; confidence cards; civic education

Article Review Status: Published

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