Development of Descriptive Text Module Based on Contextual For Students Class X of State Senior High School Gunung Meriah Aceh Singkil


This study aims to know the module process developed for descriptive text class X of State Senior High School 1 Gunung Meriah Aceh Singkil, to find out the results of writing the descriptive text, and to find out the effectiveness of the descriptive text module. This study used Research and Development (R & D) method. This research method refers to Borg & Gall model with a slight adjustment according to the research context. The type of data used was quantitative description. The results of the study showed that: (1) the first stage module development process was to analyze problems and needs, plan teaching materials, validate modules to material experts and design experts. The results of the validation of the material experts showed that the feasibility of the content with an average of 95.44% in the criteria of very good, the feasibility of the presentation with an average of 93.74% in very good criteria, language feasibility with an average of 93.33% in very good criteria and book feasibility with an average of 99.80% in very good criteria. The validation results from the design experts on the feasibility of the design showed that the module size had an average percentage of 95.83% in very good criteria, the module cover design with an average of 87.95% in very good criteria, and the design of module contents with an average of 89.70% on the criteria of very good. The average percentage results from the overall design assessment sub-component was 90.27% with the criteria of “very good”. The average percentage of individual trials was 90.27%, small group trials was 84.43%, and the limited field group test was 84.43% with the criteria “very good”; (2) Learning outcomes of students in the pretest stage obtained learning outcomes of students class X amounting to 30 people with the total 1991 with an average of 66.36% while in the posttest stage obtained learning outcomes with a total value of 2289 with an average of 76.3%; (3) the average value of students who used contextual based modules was higher with an average of 76.3 %% compared to the average value of students before using teaching materials in the form of modules with an average of 66.36%.

Keywords: Contextual Based, Descriptive Text, Module

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