Development of Speed Reading Teaching Materials Based On Anticipation Guide Strategy in Observation Result Report Text in Students Class X Mas Sinar Islami Bingai


This study aims to know the results of the development of learning materials to read quickly based on anticipation guide strategy on observation report text in student class X MAS Sinar Islami Bingai. The research method used is research and development (R & D) method proposed by Sugiyono refers to Borg & Gall model. The test subjects consisted of 3 students with individual trials, 9 students with small group trials, and 30 students with limited field trials. Data collection techniques used were observation, interviews, questionnaires and reading tests. The results showed that: (1) material expert validation including content feasibility with an average of 85.15% on very good criteria, presentation feasibility with an average of 90.38% on very good criteria, and language aspect with an average of 89 , 42% on very good criteria, (2) design expert validation with an average of 82.41% on very good criteria, module size aspect with an average score of 87.5%, cover design with an average score of 85.71% and module design with an average score of 80.55%. (3) teacher responses with an average of 91.91% on very good criteria, (4) individualized trials with an average of 76.85% on good criteria, (5) small group trials with an average of 81.56 % on very good criteria, and (6) limited field tests with an average of 87.54% on very good criteria. The result of student speed reading test before using module equal to 60,67, while the result of speed reading test of observation result text of student after using module increased by 90,33. The difference is 29,66 from before to after. This proves that the teaching materials to read quickly an observation result report text developed can improve student learning outcomes by using learning methods based on anticipation guide strategy. The implication of this research is to give a practical contribution especially in the implementation of learning for teachers as additional teaching materials and as a means to assist and facilitate the students in comprehending the material to read observation results report text so that it can be applied to their life.

Keywords: Development, Module, Speed Reading, Teaching Materials

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