Development of Drama Text Teaching Material Based on Character Education in Student Class Viii Smp Negeri 1 Batang Kuis


This study aims to produce drama text writing teaching material absed on character education on students class VIII SMP Negeri 1 Batang Kuis. The research method used is research development method of Research and Development (R & D) which refers to Borg and Gall model. The stages of development are preliminary study stage, initial product development and product trial. Product development through validation of material experts and design experts. The results of material expert validation include the feasibility of the content with an average of 85.15% with very good category, the feasibility of presentation with an average of 83.65% with very good category, and the language assessment with an average of 80.76% with very good category. Expert material design validation results with an average of 79.58% with good category. Product trials were conducted in three stages: individual trials, small group trials and limited field trials. Individual trials with an average of 84.72 with very good category, small group trials with an average of 86.80 with excellent category and unlimited field trials with an average of 91.60 with excellent category. The effectiveness of teaching materials obtained through student learning outcomes during pretest and postes. The average score during pretest is 68.31 and post-test is 80. This proves that teaching material for drama text based on character education is feasible, easy and effective to be used in learning in students class VIII SMP. This study implies improving student learning outcomes in writing drama text using teaching material based on character education.

Keywords: Based On Character Education, Development, Drama Text, Teaching Materials

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