The Difference Student Learning Outcomes Using Discovery Learning and Inquiry Learning in Elementary School


This research adopted the quasi experimental research design which aims to identify the differences student learning outcomes taught with discovery learning and inquiry learning. The research population is all students at SD Negeri 1 Jeumput Aceh, the sample in this research consisted of 2 classes at grade V that are class A and B taken by cluster random sampling technique where class A as discovery learning class which amounted to 27 students and class B as inquiry class which amounted to 28 students. The data collecting instruments were student activity observation sheets and achievement test that first conducted by content validation and empirical validation. The data analysis technique was the two-side quality test, first calculate the normality and homogeneity test of two sample group variants and initial ability tests. Results of data processing obtained data of both classes are normally distributed and homogeneous. The result of research there are significant differences between student learning outcomes taught with discovery learning and inquiry learning in elementary school.

Keywords: Discovery Learning, Inquiry, Learning Outcomes

Article Review Status: Published

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