The Development of Teaching Material of Writing Complex-Procedure Text Based Thinking Map on X Grade Students of State Vocational School 7 Medan


This research aims to know the result of teaching material development of writing complex-procedure text based thinking map on X grade students of State Vocational School 7 Medan. The used method is Research and Development (R&D) proposed by Sugiyono refered to Borg & Gall model. The trial subject consists of 3 students for individual tria, 9 students for small group trial and 32 student for limited field trial. Data collection technique uses observation, interview, questionaire, and writing test of writing explanation text. The research result shows that: (1) validation of material expert includes contents expediency gets the average 87.5% on very good criterion, presenting expediency obtains the average 85.57% on very good criterion, and the language aspect has the average 88.46% on very good criterion, (2) design expert validation has the average 85.41% on very good criterion, (3) the teacher’s response gets the average 86.03% on very good criterion, (4) the individual trial has the average 78.47% on good criterion, (5) small group tria has the average 82.41% on very good criterion and (6) limited field trial on the average 85.54% on very good criterion. The result of writing complex-procedure text before using module gets 71.09 while learning test result of writing complex-procedure text after using module increases 86.71 %. The different is 15.62% before and after using module. This proves that teaching material of developed writing complex-procedure text can increases student’s learning result by using learning method based thinking map.

Keywords: Complex Procedure Text, Learning Material, Module, Thinking Map

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