Influence of Home Environmental Factors on Adolescents’ Sexual Behaviour in Port Harcourt Metropolis


The study was on influence of Home Environmental Factors on Adolescents’ Sexual Behaviour in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Rivers State. Ex-post facto research design was adopted. The population of the study was 18,652. A sample size of 600 respondents was used for the study. The instruments for data collection were: Home Environmental Factor Inventory (HEFI) and Adolescents’ Sexual Behaviour Inventory (ASBI). The reliability of the instruments were determined using Cronbach alpha reliability technique. For the Home Environment Factor Inventory (HEFI) the reliability was carried out section by section. For marital stability, the reliability was 0.62, for parental control, it was 0.77, for mass media, it was 0.65. For the adolescents sexual behaviour scale (ASBI) reliability coefficient of 0.70 was realized. The reliability coefficient for the entire instruments however was 0.70. The statistical tools used were mean, standard deviation and linear regression analysis to answer the research questions while t-test of independent sample, analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Beta value were used to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The work revealed that parental marital stability and parental control showed significant influence on adolescents’ sexual behaviour, among others. The implication of the study is that parents should significantly guide adolescents, and not jettison the essence of their involvement in the upkeep and sexual behaviour of the adolescents.

Keywords: Adolescent, Home Environment, Sexual Behaviour

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