The Development of Learning Material Based On Charactered Education to Increase the Students’ Learning Outcomes at Class IV Sdn 104203 Bandar Khalipah, Medan, Indonesia


Reading is a process for obtaining information contained in the reading text to gain an understanding of the passage. Reading consists of understanding the written language. It is a development research on teaching materials based on charactered education by using 4-D development modes from Tangerine, Semmel and Sammel that produced valid and effective teaching material to improve the students’ learning outcomes of grade IV of SD (Primary School) Negeri 104203 Bandar Khalipah. The validation results by the validator of the experts of material, language, and instructional design stated that the developed material is worthy of use with an average of 90.32 and the category is very valid. Although the developed material has met the criteria of validity. For the percentage of learning result of classical learning, it was obtained by the control class students on pretest and posttest is 33,33% and 76,66% and gain score is 0,34. Meanwhile the learning outcomes for classical completeness experimental class increased from pretest and posttest students is 61.29% to 90.32%.

Keywords: Learning Material; Charactered Education; Learning Outcomes; Reading Ability

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