The Students’ Civics Learning by Using Quantum Teaching Strategy and Having High and Low Learning Attitudes at Sd Negeri 114345 Gunung Melayu, North Labuhanbatu, Indonesia


The students’ attitudes towards the Civics lessons are less good, especially they assume that the Civic learning is boring, not interesting. This proves that they have a low attitude and low understanding of Civics. At SD Negeri 114345 Gunung Melayu, North Labuhanbatu regency, it is known that the students are less interested in learning Civics delivered by the teachers in the classroom. At the time the teacher delivered the lesson material, the students pay less attention to the explanations and often play around in the classroom. There is a difference in students’ learning outcomes using the strategy of Quantum Teaching with Expository strategy. The students’ Civics learning outcomes using Quantum Teaching learning strategy with an average value of 89.20, while the results of s students’ Civics learning outcomes using Expository obtained an average value of 83.77.

Keywords: Civic Learning; Quantum Teaching Strategy; Learning Attitude

Article Review Status: Published

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