The Development of Character Based on Teaching Materials According to the Learning Design Experts Through a Contextual Approach at Grade V in Sd Negeri 060841 Medan City, Indonesia


The development of character education through learning materials is understood as the integration of messages and tools, as a vehicle of culture and individual empowerment. Therefore, it needs to be compiled teaching materials based on character education. Character-based teaching materials are instructional materials which are designed to allow the content or the learning activities to facilitate or educate characters through the insertion of character values. The character-based Civics learning materials through the contextual approach which are resulted in this development research are valid in terms of content and constructs. This can be seen based on the results of experts’ validation and practitioners on the developed teaching materials with valid categories. This result provides an illustration that the developed teaching materials can be used in learning Civics in grade V  in  SD Negeri 060841 Medan City. Character-based Civics teaching materials through the contextual approach generated in this development study have been declared effective for improving Civic learning skills and developing student character.

Keywords: Character, Contextual Approach, Learning Design, Teaching Materials

Article Review Status: Published

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