Differential Effects of Project Based, Group Discussion and Self-Regulated Learning Techniques on Students’ Achievement in Biology


This study investigated the differential effects of Project Based, Group Discussion and Self Regulated Learning Techniques on students’ academic achievement on Biology in Aba South Local Government Area of Abia State. Non Equivalent control Group Quasi Experimental design was used. Four research question and Four Hypotheses guided the conduct of the study. The population is all the SS2 Biology students from the six public secondary school in the Area of study totaling 1142. The sample size consists of 128 SS2 students drawn through purposive sampling technique. Simple random sampling Technique with slip of papers was used to assign the students into four groups of Project Based, Group Discussion, Self Regulated Learning Techniques and the Control Group. Mean (x) and Standard Deviation (SD) were used to answer the research questions. Paired Sample t-test, Independent t-test,  Analysis of Covariance and Post Hoc Multiple Comparison were used to analyze the Hypotheses at 0.05 significance level. The Study found out that Project Based Learning significantly outperformed Group Discussion, Self Regulated Learning and the Control Group in enhancing students’ achievement, while Self Regulated Learning enhanced students’  achievement higher than Group Discussion but not significantly. All the treatment groups significantly outperformed the Control Group. Based on the findings of the study, the following recommendations were made; Proper learning strategy which may help students comprehend the content of the learning like Project Based learning should be encouraged in the teaching and learning environment. Learning without relevant strategies should be de-emphasized at all levels of education.

Keywords: Biology, Group Discussion, Project, Self-Regulated Learning Techniques Students’ Achievement

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