Challenges and Strategies to Enhance Staff Development for Effective Library Services in Special Libraries in Benue State – Nigeria


The study was designed to examine the challenges as well as to find the remedies to staff development for effective library services in special libraries in Benue state of Nigeria. The study was guided by three research questions in line with the objectives of the study. Descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. The population for this study was 25 library staff from the 2 special libraries in Benue state. Data were collected using questionnaire. Data collected were analyzed using percentage and mean scores. The findings revealed that, Lecture method, Job Rotation, Coaching Method, Mentorship, mention among others were accepted as methods used for staff development in special libraries The result also shows the problems associated with staff development in the special libraries to include lack of fund for developing library programmes, poor budgetary allocation to special libraries, lack of more sponsored programmes for staff development, discrimination against library staff by the management of parents’ organizations and lack of due process in staff selection for trainings. The study also recommended establishment of a well written staff development policy, placement of non-qualified personnel to head libraries should be checkmated by regulatory bodies, discrimination against library staff by parent organizations should be discouraged and provision of adequate training facilities. The study concluded that staff development may not be the magical approach for enhancing effective library services even though the attitudes of staff is significant but special libraries in Benue state need to improve their services to meet the growing demand for information in the modern era despite all odds.

Keywords: Library, Library Programme, Library Service, Nigeria, Staff Development

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