Attaining Christian Religious Studies Learning Outcomes through Effective Teaching Methods among Secondary School Pupils in South East Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria


The study geared to investigate attaining Christian Religious studies learning outcomes through effective use of teaching methods among secondary school pupils in South East geo-political zone of Nigeria. A research question guided the study. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. South East geo-political zone was the area of study and comprised all Christian Religious Studies (CRS) teachers in the geographical area with estimated population of 810. The study adopted a multiple sampling techniques in which 500 CRS teachers were selected as the target population. Instrument for data collection was fixed response questionnaire. Mean was the instrument for data analysis Result shows that effective application and appropriate use of method would help greatly in attaining CRS learning outcomes in the lives of secondary school pupils in South East geo-political zone of Nigeria. Based on the finding recommendations were made on attaining CRS desired learning outcomes among pupils in the area that formed the major contribution of the study.

Keywords: Attaining, Christian Religious Studies, Effective Application, Objectives, Teaching Methods

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