A Comparative Analysis of the Management of Sandwich Bachelor of Education Degree Program in Two Public Universities in Nigeria


The emerging global trend of acquiring teaching competence through the sandwich training program has become a viable option for solving the problem of teacher quality and quantity. The sandwich program has helped to enhance access for those seeking admissions into universities and the large number of students admitted for each contact period and the intensive nature of the program requires effective management. It is against this background that this study compared the management of sandwich programs at the University of Abuja (UniAbuja) and the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN). A descriptive survey design was employed for the study. The population consisted of 560 and 676 final year students of UniAbuja and UNN respectively. Purposive and simple random sampling techniques were used to select a sample of 100 students from each university thereby making a total of 200 students. A four-point likert-scale questionnaire was used to collect the data which were analyzed with mean scores while a t-test was used for the hypotheses testing. Results of this study show that there was significant difference in the learning environment and information sources in both universities with UNN fairing better than UniAbuja. The study inter alia suggests greater improvement in UniAbuja learning environment.

Keywords: : Sandwich Program, Information Sources, Learning Environment, Management Of Sandwich Program, Teacher Preparation

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