Use of Digital Storytelling as a Teaching Tool at National University of Science and Technology


Digital Storytelling is a very popular teaching and learning technique used worldwide today. This teaching methodology has equally been used at universities and schools throughout different regions and cultures for the common aim to enhance the learning experience of students. Hence various studies have been conducted to estimate the extent of usage and effectiveness of this technique by both faculty members and students. The previously conducted studies are characterized over varying response variables, sample size, sample characteristics etc but all these studies converged the common results of enhanced learning experience among the students. Additionally the studies also exhibited the educational and instructive knowledge and the openness towards the adoption of new teaching methods by the faculty members. Our study conducted at National University of Science and Technology, based over a sample size of 100 respondents divided equally among students and faculty, investigates the use of DST tools by the faculty and its effectiveness on student learning shows a positive relationship between the departments of faculty and students’ learning.

Keywords: Chi-Square Test, Digital Story Telling

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