Competitive Team-Based Learning and the Beyond


This paper is an attempt to bring to the fore my MA and PhD level research findings regarding the effectiveness of my instructional innovation, CTBL, in comparison to the Traditional Lecture Method as well as the most popular method of CL which has been developed by Johnson and Johnson at the University of Minnesota in the USA. More importantly, the Paper elaborates the reasons as to why CTBL has been more effective than the traditional methods even in the arena of CL methods in terms of its contribution to effective learning. The paper then substantiates the relevance of my pedagogical approach against the backdrop of ongoing globalisation, which means a great deal of competitive spirit in the present world context of globalisation, in order to bring to sharp relief the significance of my approach in comparison to the present immaterial methods and approaches like CLT, Collaborative Learning, Interactive Learning, and CL methods like that of Johnson brothers for today world context

Keywords: Individual accountability, Inter-group competition, Social order, Systematic groupwork, global peace

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