Professional Development On Teachers’ Academic Performance In Secondary Schools In Etche Local Government Area


The project reflects on professional development on teachers academic performance in secondary schools in Etche Local Government Area. It is a literature study. The result of the findings indicated that professional development of teachers refocusing the status quo of the school system hence contributing to high level of academic standard; in-service training fully integrates teachers’ talents and potentiality towards realizing the objectives and goals of the school system; workshops/conferences/seminars provide the medium for sharing assumptions, values, beliefs as well as engendering inter institutional resources and exchanging scholarly ideas. It is therefore concluded that enabling environment and opportunities be created for consistent acquisition of knowledge, skills and potentialities to pursuit the academic excellence. Hence, it is recommended that sufficient resources should be provided to assure effectiveness during the programme; there should be provision for positive reinforcement after training for transmission of the acquired knowledge and skills; varieties of development programme or activities should be provided to accommodate the interest of non-academic staff; teachers should be allowed to use research/publication as a yardstick for their promotion as in the universities system

Keywords: Etche Local Government Area, Professional Development, Teachers

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