Learning, Self –Efficacy and Student Course Experience: Focus on Higher Education


This study is based on the research conducted at the Higher Institution. Every country in the world want to flourished economically, peacefully, educationally, socially, politically and after all a healthy educated population. The main purpose of this study is to seek academic understanding of the pivotal role which learning, self efficacy and student course experience play in accessing, learning, understanding student own perspective in viewing learning environment and courses in Higher Education field. This current study is based on quantitative analysis methodology. Research method used was cross sectional research method. Participants in this study were second year University of the Free State students (all participants were psychology students). Twenty five participants were invited on their availability (availability sample). Six male students and nineteen female students participated. The average age of the male participants was 24.3, whilst the female was 21.2. The value of this research is that it is multidisciplinary, and takes into account the plight of the student population learning experience and their psychological well-being “self efficacy” into consideration. A positive result concerning student perspective was positive it shall be reflected and discussed in detailed in the section of results and discussion in this same paper

Keywords: Higher Education, Learning, Self-Efficacy, Student Experience

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