Leadership training: A predictor for principals’ leadership behavioural change


The expectation to ensure continuing in secondary schools education in most of the highly advance and third world countries today is determine by the principals’ leadership behaviour which could be measure based on the leadership training acquire by most school principals. This paper examines the influence of Leadership training as a predictor for principals’ leadership behavioural change towards students’ academic achievement. The study using secondary information with discuss analysis of existing supportive literature on the subject matter for its theoretical foundation to explore the principals’ leadership training and its relationship with the principals behavioural change which is mostly needed among schools principal in this ever changing world to sustain the growth and development of any nation. This paper revealed that, not much substantial packages are put in place to enhance the leadership of principals among secondary schools in Nigeria most especially in Niger State North Central part of the country. This paper concluded that, leadership training for school principals will assist in improving their behaviour to overcome the numerous challenges facing most school principals nowadays. Initiatives to improve leadership training among principals are recommended due to its esteemed value for Nigerian Nation.

Keywords: Behavioural Change, Leadership training, Nigeria, School Principals

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