An Assessment of Secondary School Physics Teachers Conceptual Understanding of Force and Motion in Edo South Senatorial District


This study was aimed at assessing the conceptual understanding of secondary school physics teachers in the concept of force and motion. Two (2) research questions and one (1) hypothesis were raised to guide this study. The research design used for this study was the survey design. A sample of 80 physics teachers selected from both public and private schools across the seven (7) Local Government Areas in Edo South senatorial district participated in the study. The data collected were analyzed using the frequencies, percentages and chi-square statistics. Results of the data analysis showed that majority of the physics teachers do not have conceptual understanding of the concept of force and motion. Also the qualification, teaching experience and specialization of physics teachers did not significantly influence their conceptual understanding of the concepts of force and motion. Based on the findings of this study, it was recommended among others that the teacher education programme for physics teachers should be for five (5) years so as to allow the pre-service physics teachers to do all the physics courses like their conterpart in the B.Sc physics programme as against the current programme where the pre-service physics teachers don’t offer all the physics courses during their training programme.


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