Interrogating the Framing of anti-corruption war by Newspapers in Nigeria from 2015-2019: A study of Daily Sun and The Nation Newspapers.


The study examines the framing of anticorruption war by newspapers in Nigeria from 2015 to 2019. Content analysis was adopted for the study while 608 hard copies of the Daily Sun and The Nation newspapers published during the period were examined. The study was situated in the framing theory which posits that the media give salience to issues in a manner to shape public opinion. Data were collected and presented in tables were analysed with the Chi-square statistical tool. Findings show that there were significant differences in the frequency and prominence in the framing of the anti-corruption war by the newspapers. The study recommends that mainstream media organisations should review their editorial policies to increase the frequency and prominence in their framing of the anti-corruption war to help mitigate the consequences of corruption on the socio-economic and political development of the country.


Keywords: Anti-graft, Content analysis, Framing, Mainstream Media, anti-corruption war, sleaze


Article Review Status: Published

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