Senior Citizen as a Part of Sustainability and Growth Development in Saudi Arabia


Aging trends that address improved health conditions and standard of living; increasing the quality of education, the sudden decline of the fertility rate and migration have become a topic of particular concern. Saudi Arabia, is far from the challenges of the aging population, with a predominately young and dynamic workforce. However, the impact of the growth of the aging workforce, particularly in developed countries is beginning to be felt globally in economy, businesses, and communities. The main challenge is to promote healthy and productive aging and to adjust societal practices and structures to include senior citizens. Next 20 years shall witness significant changes to aspects of Saudi Arabia’s labor market, the healthcare system and the aged care industry, accompanied by a wide range of personal, social and economic benefits. This paper addresses on how senior citizens are a vital part of the sustainability and growth of Saudi Arabia.

Keywords: aging population; workforce; senior citizens; economic; healthcare; Saudi Arabia.

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