Social Development as a Catalyst for Promotion of Community Development in Nigeria


Every social action is seen as a catalyst to promote joint undertaking of’ people in their social settings to improve their living conditions in various communities in human environment. Social development as a process is employed to stimulates consciousness among people in order to be aware of their capabilities to address prevailing situations and realities in various participating communities. Social development as a catalyst is used to promote awareness creation in people for the ultimate purpose of understanding their prevailing social realities ant potentialities to promote development that will improve their living conditions in their various communities. The paper identified conscientisation strategy, communication strategy and group action strategy as areas of social development intervention in promoting community development. Based on the issues discussed appropriate recommendations are made which include the urgent need to see that adequate information is made available to people through the instrumentality of conscientisation, and communication as well as other areas of intervention of social development which should be driven by common vision and interest of the people of participating communities in Nigeria.

Keywords: Community development, Promotion, Social Development, Strategies.

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