Competitiveness in Higher Education Practices in Sierra Leone: A Model for Sustainable Growth


This article has taken a step towards providing an open critical approach for the future of sustainable growth for HETIs in Sierra Leone. The system at the moment needs a complete review and overhaul in order to move forward in competing with HETIs at a global scale. The government on its own cannot continue take up the burden of a 100% funding for HETIs in the country (with increase population growth rate) when the situation across the region, and the world is such that HETIs are developing great plans towards self-sufficiency / sustenance through high quality teaching and learning, and more importantly, competitive research ventures. A model has been worked out for a future sustainable and competitive HETIs in the country, and partnership with TEC, followed by some realistic recommendations for consideration both in the present and the future.

Keywords: Competitiveness, Higher Education, Quality Assurance, Sierra Leone, Sustainable Growth

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 51-63 (Download PDF)

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