The Changes of Land Use and Aerotropolis Concept in Tembung Region, Deli Serdang, Indonesia



Tembung region is one of the potential area in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra,Indonesia to be developed as an aerotropolis area. A new urban form where cities are built around airports speedily connecting time-sensitive suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and business people to distant customers, clients, and marketplaces. And it happens in Tembung where many people from Medan and other big cities move to Tembung and even some of them lives nearer to the Kuala Namu International Airport just to open a new business and hope because this area has developed rapidly. Many businesses are open around this are. Tembung becomes ‘a pretty lady’ to live in.

Keywords: : Land use; Aerotropolis; Tembung; Business area; Commercial

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