Application Venues of Counter-Current Development Model (CCDM) in Developing Countries: Imperative For the Knowledge Driven Economy


This paper explains the nitty-gritty in the application of Counter-Current Development Model (CCDM) for the developing economies. It examines several ways of CCDM applications such as visionary and transformational leadership, competitive and human capital development, research for sustainable development, productive economy (energy, agricultural, technological and industrial developments were highlighted), development and modernization (food security/modernization and national security, peace and unity); and then feedback. All these were illustrated with diagrams for conceptual and theoretical frameworks. Other CCDM application venues include: provision of conducive environment for competitive economic activities; need for people-centred political system and issues of revolution. It concludes with recommendations on peaceful revolution strategies.

Keywords: Counter-Current, Development, Development Model, Peaceful Resolution, Productive Economy, Transformational Leadership

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 37-55 (Download PDF)

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