Cost Model for Using Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum System (GFRG)


One of the mile stones for the success of construction projects is the project management triangle (time, quality and cost). During the past decade, a lot of construction systems have been developed to this triangle. GFRG system was one of these systems (for example that was established in Australia). Concerning quality aspect, GFRG system has fulfilled LEED certificate for construction materials, with respect to time aspect, it is superior to regular construction methods, when it is compared with traditional systems. As for cost, owner/ designer needs to calculate estimated direct cost for the GRFG panels and materials at the design phase, which will increase the economic value for these projects. This paper aims to study the GFRG system & design cost model to analyse direct cost for the system during the design phase.

Keywords: Cost model, GFRG, Installation, cost analysis, direct cost

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