Factor Analysis of Influence of Host-Community Characteristics on Ecotourism Development in South East Nigeria


The study was undertaken to analyze the influence of host-community characteristics on the development of ecotourism in south east geo-political zone of Nigeria. Purposive and systematic sampling techniques were used to select 360 respondents from 6 communities in 3 out of the 5 States in the zone. Structured questionnaire, interview schedule and direct observation were used to collect primary data for the study. Data was analyzed using percentage distribution and Explanatory Factor Analysis. Result showed that lack/ poor state of socio-economic infrastructure, including roads, electricity, clean water and telecommunication services in host-communities slowed the rate of ecotourism development in the zone. Also, inabilities of host-communities to take advantage of ecotourism-induced entrepreneurial opportunities, socio-political exclusion of women, fear of erosion of culture, low level of awareness of potential benefits of ecotourism and poor sanitary conditions of sites and the general community environment, impeded the rate of ecotourism development in the area. Interventions from State and local governments, and NGOs were recommended.

Keywords: Community ecotourism, Ecotourism Development, Factor analysis, Host-community characteristics, South East Nigeria

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