Environmentalists concentrate their efforts in seeing to it that sustainability is assured in the natural environment. The paper attempts to bring into the consciousness of environmentalist that a number of other environments exist that are in constant interactions with the natural environment and whose sustainability must also be assured in the overall interest of the sustainability of the natural environment. These other environments, are the man-made environments of socio-economic built and political/governmental environments. There is also the spiritual environment which humankind evolved with as a spiritual being.

Humankind must be in good standing in this spiritual environment to access the appropriate values that will enable them to assure sustainability in the natural and man-made environments. It is such values that will enable them to eschew all activities that border on corruption and violence, which are the bane of our environments.

This paper underscores the special importance of the natural environment, which is discussed as our environment – the environment of special interest to the environmentalists. It also highlights the importance of the man-made environments as their environments and the ways the activities in these man-made environments affect the natural environment. The paper discusses the efforts of human beings in managing the natural environment. It also highlights the challenges humankind is facing in this area. The paper is concluded with an admonition that humankind should endeavour to access the time-honoured values, without which no humankind can attain outstanding success, talk less of making community or nation attain sustainability of whatever type


Keywords: Built Environment, Natural Environment, Political/Governmental Environment, Socio-Economic Environment, Spiritual Environment

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