The Effect of Branding on the Marketing Performance of Companies in the Mobile Phone Industry (Case Study of Techno Ghana, Accra)


In today’s highly competitive markets, keeping customers and retaining their loyalty is considered crucial in maintaining business and its related marketing performance. Companies and retailers also need to look for various marketing strategies in order to improve their customers’ loyalty. Having knowledge and skills about marketing is one of the capabilities which is required for success in the competition. In consumable markets, brands are the main points of differentiation between the competitive presentations, thus, they are crucial for the performance in terms of success of the companies. The purpose of this study sets to analyse the impact of marketing mix elements on brand loyalty. The present study is applicable in terms of objective and descriptive survey in terms of data collection. To identify the challenges associated with branding at Techno Ghana, identify the importance of branding in the marketing of Techno Products, determine the branding strategies adapted by Techno Ghana and ascertain the relationship between branding and the performance of Techno products in Ghana. Descriptive research design was used and data was collected from a sample size of 50 with the aid of questionnaires. Convenience sampling method was used for the selection of the respondents. Results revealed that lack of branding know-how and insufficient branding guidance for entrepreneurs are major challenges in techno Ghana. Also the results indicated that, brand impacts on the purchase decision of customers, helps customers to identify the source of products, and communicates features and benefits while developing and maintaining it branding activities through both internal and external agency. Brand extension and multiple branding are the major branding strategies used by Techno Company. Finally, the findings show that the company employs logos, jingles and packages and communicated them through TV campaigns and Events.

Keywords: Branding, Consumer Satisfaction, Marketing Mix, Marketing Performance, brand loyalty

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