An Analysis of Manufacturing Export Firms’ Specific Characteristics for Industrial Emergence in Cameroon By 2035


The Asian Tigers form a new niche of Developed Economies in the world today. In the phase of globalisation export led growth is cardinal, especially with a high level of industrial specialisation. The question is what specific industrial characteristics account for the emergence of Asian Tiger’s that developing economies like Cameroon can emulate? With a survey of 116 firms and using the Tobit analysis, Manufacturing Firm’s Specific Characteristics of (size, age and Ownership) are important for rapid economic growth in Cameroon. In synthesis with the Asian miracle Firm Specific Characteristics of size, age and ownership are accentuated to boost Export led growth today. This emphasises the fact that Cameroonian firms must have an elite class of entrepreneurs who are innovative and can establish large firm which can thrive in a liberalised market or establish business procedures that are less clumsy and for business partnership.

Keywords: Economic Growth and Emergence, Export Led Growth, Firm’s Specific Characteristics, Innovation, Schumpeterian Entrepreneur

Article Review Status: Published

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