Policy Space Utilization In Developing Area Medan – Binjai – Deli Serdang (Mebidang) Indonesia


This study is conducted to assess and analyze whether urban areas Medan – Binjai – Deli Serdang optimal functioning as an economic driver of the region with the carrying capacity of the existing potential of the region that will have implications for the use of space. This research is applied research with descriptive approach. To answer the research questions, then we do the analysisi on the Location Quotient (LQ), Specialization Index (SI), Typologi Klassen, MPE (Model Comparison Exponential) and AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) on various approaches commodity/sector seed, and the constellation of the region and produce factors driving the economy of the dominant and main policies. Results shows that the urban area Medan- Binjai – Deli Serdang meet six criteria of 7 criteria primemover for Binjai and Deli Serdang, but the third growth region are no synergy and grow together. Based on analysis of AHP and MPE obtained utilization policy consists of four (4) sectors of economy, infrastructure, environmental, and socio-cultural. Carrying capacity of the commodity which has the function of competitiveness and cities in the region MEDAN – Binjai – Deli Serdang implications on the use of space is an attempt to create patterns and structures of space.

Keywords: National Strategic Area., Regional Development., Space Utilization

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