A Critical Assessment of Kenya’s Cooperative Movement Response to Platform Techs: Lessons from The Future


Economies in less developed nations are faced with low-paid, informal work, and youth unemployment. This challenge has mutated into absolute poverty and sometimes rebellions and uprisings as populations surge. This is a precipice to future crisis. Could the Internet be rebooted to help address some of these issues? The platform cooperativism could offer one of the best solutions towards this direction. New spaces of work creating new powers in the economy are becoming highly inevitable and uptake of such models is now irresistible across the world. Most of these nations predominantly operate offline in the changing scope of work. Platform cooperativism, could, by nature, offer sustainable and participatory forms of businesses, and provide the actual and potential while contributing to sustainable businesses, and development. As such platform are invariably taking shape in all other sectors of the economy, could this be the time to reposition the cooperative movement in the new space?

Keywords: Cooperativism, Internet, Work, platform

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