The Ideal Leadership for Cooperatives: A Proposal for Community Collective Model


This study tried to observe the ideal leadership model for co-operatives. By positing two folds of questions (1) how leadership had been developed in the organization and (2) what should be the ideal model. In order to provide clear evidence to the first problem, the study uses cross case analysis from six selected Credit Unions in Indonesia. Having considered the characteristic of each unit, the study developed two categories: complex organization and simple organization. The common model found in the two categories in which leadership must be seen as mechanistic process which encompasses from individual to community leadership. Therefore the study posed the needs for community collective leadership model by proposing a firmly framework. After identifying several dimensions from the model, the study used Dematel method to identify the most considerable dimension. Finally, the study appointed visionary, communicative and popular leader as dimensions to the model, thus preparing future research agenda.  

Keywords: Collective leadership model, Cooperatives, Leadership

Article Review Status: Published

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