Establishing Satisfaction Levels Of Teachers in Secondary Schools and How They Influence Perfomance: A Case of Kyenjonjo District Western Uganda Secondary Schools


This study aimed at investigating the effects of teacher job satisfaction on performance in Kyenjojo District. The study determined the principle effects on teacher’s motivation in terms of achievement, competence, status, personal worth and self actualization in secondary schools. The findings in this study are expected to benefit schools and teachers among other stakeholders who would get first hand information on effects of teacher job satisfaction and motivation. The general objective of this study is how does job satisfaction influence teachers’ performance. A descriptive research design was used and a case study approach was adopted. The target population of interest was twenty one (21) secondary schools registered in Kyenjojo District. A non probability sampling technique or method was used for this study. The study purposively selected seven (7) public schools and twenty (20) respondents from each of the schools as being representatives of the target population. Data was collected using the questionnaires. Quantitative data was analyzed through the use of descriptive statistics which included frequencies, percentages and means as measures of central tendency, while the qualitative data was analyzed through the use of content analysis. The analyzed data was presented using tables and bar charts. The key findings of this study were that teachers who lack enthusiasm are unable to teach effectively, making students not to learn well. It also showed that principals’ attitude of not considering teachers’ suggestions, in decision making made teachers lose interest in their job. The study recommends that the ministry of Education should seek ways to improve on job satisfaction of teachers in their teaching profession by improving on working conditions and giving them more opportunities for training. Principals should be able to work with others to implant their vision into the structures and processes of the school. The heads also need to communicate their vision to the staff of what they should become.

Keywords: Performance, Satisfaction levels

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