Maintenance Management and Organizational Performance in Selected Manufacturing Firms, Akwa Ibom State


This research was designed to examine the relationship between Maintenance Management and organizational performance among selected manufacturing firms in Akwa Ibom State. Survey research design was adopted for the study and a sample size of 258 respondents was drawn from the population of 275. For the objective of the study to be achieved, five hypotheses were formulated. The major instrument for data collection was a structured questionnaire administered to the respondent using random sampling techniques. Data collected were analysed using simple percentage and Ordinal Logistic Regression. Results show that there is a significant correlation between variables of maintenance management such as corrective, preventive, condition-based maintenance and pre-determined maintenance and organizational performance variables of effectiveness, efficiency and profitability among selected manufacturing firms in Akwa Ibom State. Based on the finding of the analysis, management has to provide the maintenance teams with a maintenance management software in order to ensure proper interventions monitoring as well as smooth communication between technicians and other professionals to enhances business success. Consequently, it is recommended that Management should ensure that Corrective maintenance is implemented right after a defect has been detected on a piece of equipment or a production line: its objective is to make the piece of equipment work normally again, so that it can perform its assigned function. Corrective maintenance can either be planned or unplanned depending on whether or not a maintenance plan has been created.

Keywords: Maintenance Culture, Maintenance Management, Organizational Performance


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