The Determinants of Netflix Adoption in Indonesia


The research studies the impact of social innovation, consumer innovativeness, perceived benefits, perceived ease of use, and perceived cost on the adoption of Netflix as a flexible subscription among its users in Indonesia. It classified as quantitative with a descriptive causal approach and uses an online survey as a data collection method with 265 total respondents within the age of 18 years old and older. The data is analyzed using the SPSS  with tests of coefficients of determination, multiple linear regression, and the T-test. According to the findings, the coefficient of determination obtained is 0.512 which indicated that 51.2% of the consumer adoption of Netflix is affected by several factors. We also finds that service innovation, consumer innovativeness, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, and perceived cost have a direct significant impact on consumer adoption of Netflix in Indonesia, individually and mediated.

Citation: Fernanda Fernandhytia, Bernadus Roy Bagaskara   and AdillaAnggraeni (2022)   The Determinants of Netflix Adoption in Indonesia, International Journal of Business and Management Review, Vol.10, No.1, pp.13-24

Keywords: Netflix, Perceived Ease of Use, Service Innovation, Technology Acceptance Model, consumer adoption, consumer innovativeness


Article Review Status: Published

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