Does Intellectual Capital Explicate The Relationship Between Strategic Human Resources Management And Innovation Performance? A Conceptual Framework


With increase challenges that face of the organizations, enhancing innovation has become the major strategic objective to survive and grow, accomplishing this objective is by successful in managing firm’s intellectual capital, where it is the first driving force for innovation. Hence the organizations pursue to employs strategic HRM approach to the development of the knowledge resources and successful orientation to employees toward reaching the required objective. This approach aims to achieve vertical and horizontal alignment between HRM and organization strategy and designs HRM practices to consistent with the goals of organizations. For that, the current paper adopted a critical analytical approach to developing a conceptual framework about the role of strategic HRM in developing intellectual capital and enhancing innovation based on assumptions of resources-based view (RBV) of the firm.

Keywords: Innovation, Intellectual Capital, and resource-based view, strategic HR orientation, strategic alignment of HRM


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