Influence of Micro-Finance Non-Financial Services on Financial Performance of Small Enterprises in Kenya


Small Enterprises are now recognized globally as drivers of economic growth and development and it is agreed that the microfinance sector is a major backbone in the sustenance and survival of small enterprises. The study employed descriptive research design. A sample of 67 respondents was picked through stratified random sampling technique. Questionnaires through self-administration were used to collect data. Inferential data analysis was done. All the three null hypotheses were rejected. The results of the study indicated that record keeping on its own explained 22.4% of variability of financial performance of small enterprises in Kenya whereas credit management advisory and budgeting and control explained 35.7% and 22.9% respectively. The joint independent variables together explained 70.1% of the variability of financial performance. The study concluded that there is indeed a significant influence of record keeping, credit management advisory and budgeting and control on financial performance of small enterprises in Kenya. However, there are other factors that explain the variability of the financial performance in small businesses in Kenya that were not included in the model.

Keywords: Budgeting and Planning, Credit Management Advisory, Financial Performance, Record Keeping

Article Review Status: Published

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