The Challenges OF GSCM Practices in Turkish Mining Industry: A Review and Research Direction


The concept of green issues has been around for couple of decades. Recently, it became more and more relevant and spread worldwide. As a result, Institutional and non-institutional pressure has risen on almost all industries, especially mining industries. In this context, the purpose of this paper is, firstly, to review the recent literature of Turkish GSCM practices (adoption and implementation of GSCM) and find out its challenges, basically in mining industry in Turkey and, secondly, to determine the research direction for evaluating and improving green mining implementations. A detailed literature review is done and sorted out according to findings and variables and the research direction is determined. It shows that the concept of GSCM and green mining entered to Turkey’s border very recently and the damages caused by mining activities to the ecological environment are being ignored due to inadequate mining law, lack of knowledge and financial problems have got the attention of Turkish authors.

Keywords: GSCM, Green Mining, environmental management.

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 28-42 (Download PDF)

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