The Relation between Types of Horeca Business and Attribute of Product and Service Quality


Increasing in buying power and middle-class income in Indonesia shows a potential opportunity for retail business. In contrary, PT XYZ as the main retail players in Indonesia faced a decrease of horeca business contribution over last three years. It is needs to examine product and service quality attributes which importance and satisfied for horeca customers.   The objective of this study is identified and analyzes the relationship of product and service quality attributes among horeca customer types. Crosstab method was used to describe relationship among variables and Chi-Square test to examine relationship significancy. The results show that the product attributes (specification, quality, price, location, promotion) and service quality attributes (reliable, assurance, empathy) have significant relationship with horeca customer types. Impliciation for the company is to consider horeca’s characteristic and importance of product and service quality to enhance satisfaction in order to increase horeca sales.

Keywords: Attribute of Product and Service Quality, Horeca, Retail

Article Review Status: Published

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