The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Image on Saving Intention Mediated By Brand Prestige At Bank Aceh Syariah Area Banda Aceh In Student Faculty Of Economics And Business University Syiah Kuala


This study aims to examine the effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Image on Saving Intensity mediated by Brand Prestige at Bank Aceh Syariah Banda Aceh. Respondents in the study were male and female students studying at Faculty of Economics and Business Unsyiah who is the Customer and Non-Customer of Bank Aceh Sharia Banda Aceh. Research method used questionnaire as research instrument. The questionnaires were analyzed as many as 185 questionnaires. The sampling technique used is probability sampling, and the type used is stratified random sampling. Corporate Social Responsibility Image have positive effect to Brand Prestige, Brand Prestige have positive effect to saving intention. In this research the mediation variable is Brand Prestige, that is partially mediate in this research.

Keywords: Brand Prestige, Corporate Image, Corporate Social Responsibility Image, Saving Intention

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